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Obama publicly supports a Communist leader who violated his country’s constitution

Obama supports reinstatement of ousted Communist leader Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, despite the fact that he violated Honduras’ constitution.


Supreme Court Nominee is discriminatory

Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s belief is that a “Latina woman” is by definition a superior judge to a “white male” because she has had more “richness” in her struggle. The danger inherent in this judicial view is that the law isn’t what the Constitution says but whatever the judge in the “richness” of her experience comes to believe it should be.

NOTE: Voting for Obama in 2012 will enable him to nominate more of these Supreme Court justices who don’t respect the rule of law and hold the U.S. Constitution in contempt. If Obama is re-elected and puts a majority of these tyrannical judges (who have lifetime appointments) onto the Supreme Court, this country will not be able to recover in our lifetimes.

Obama wants to redistribute the wealth.

Obama in his own words: He wants to radically reinterpret the Constitution to redistribute wealth in America.