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Obama flunks foreign policy.

Apparently, Iranian diplomats don’t like hot dogs– Obama’s “diplomacy” strategy against the genocidal/terrorist regime of Iran is officially a complete failure. Not only is Iran ramping up its nuclear program and proxy attacks against Israel, but now Iran is threatening to conduct kidnapping attacks on American diplomats and religious leaders.  Obama’s pseudo-intellectual elitist opinion that “talking” to Iran’s radical leaders would solve this U.S./Israel national security threat deserves an “F” grade.

Obama: the foreign policy dunce

Re-election has not served Obama’s international reputation well. He’s begun his second term by referring to Burma as “Myanmar” (the name given to the country by its oppressive military government), contradicting long-standing U.S. policy. And, to add insult to injury: Obama incorrectly pronounced the name of Aung San Suu Kyi (the Nobel laureate and former political prisoner who has led the struggle for a free and democratic Burma) This just goes to show how little the concept of “liberty” means to Obama.

“Myanmar” isn’t the only brutal Asian dictatorship that Obama pandered to this week: Obama also became the first U.S. President to take a trip to Cambodia to meet its dictator Hun Sen— and this is not a “first” to be proud of.

Update: The First Lady of Cambodia insulted Obama by giving him a “sampeah” greeting in a manner normally used toward servants. Clueless Obama smiled and bowed in response.