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Obama nominates another loser for his new Cabinet

After nominating an anti-Israel pro-terrorist Defense Secretary, Obama will nominate current White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew as the new Treasury Secretary (can it be any more obvious that Obama’s nominations are political favors?).

In response, the top Republican in the Senate Budget Committee says: “Jack Lew must never be Secretary of Treasury… His testimony before the Senate Budget Committee less than two years ago was so outrageous and false that it alone disqualifies… To ‘look the American people in the eye’ and make such a statement remains the most direct and important false assertion during my entire time in Washington.”

Obama is anti-women, and so is his administration.

Obama pays female employees in the White House “significantly less” than their male counterparts. Furthermore, Obama reportedly keeps women out of his inner circle, and now the White House has released “a photo of President Barack Obama and his top advisers” and there are no women in the photo. What ever happened to “equality”?

Update: Liberals are upset that Obama’s Cabinet picks are “largely male.”