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Israel doesn’t like Obama’s Middle East policies

There was a ‘sharp confrontation’ between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the American ambassador to Israel about Obama’s Iran policy. And yet, Obama continues to lie to the American people by saying there is “no daylight” on the Iran issue with the Israeli government.


The Democratic Party reveals its true anti-Israel colors

First, the Democratic Party removes “Jerusalem” from their party platform– and then, after a media firestorm, the Democratic Party fraudulently amends its own party platform by falsely counting a 2/3 vote for the pro-Israel provisions.

Second, Obama tells Iran– through two European countries– that the U.S. won’t attack Iran as long as Iran refrains from attacking U.S. interests.

Team Obama fail.

The correct spelling is “Israel.” But this mistake isn’t surprising, considering Obama’s overall disinterest and open contempt for Israel.

Obama leaks classified information to protect Iran and betray Israel

The Obama Administration leaks our ally Israel’s confidential information in order to help enable Iran defeat any prospective Israeli attack on its illegal nuclear weapon sites.

… Despite the clear intent of Iran’s leaders to annihilate Israel, the U.S., and all of Western civilization, Obama apparently believes that Iran’s murderous regime has a “right” to acquire nuclear weapons.

Obama bashes Israel’s Prime Minister despite publicly proclaiming that he supports Israel

“I have to deal with him every day!”  Um, actually, the one I feel sorry for is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for having to deal with Obama’s arrogance, dishonesty, and lack of knowledge about the Middle East.

Obama encourages the Muslim Brotherhood take-over of Egypt

Obama supports the overthrow of U.S. ally Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and encourages the Muslim Brotherhood (a radical Islamist organization) to take over Egypt.

Obama succeeds, jeopardizing U.S. AND Israeli national security.