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Israel doesn’t like Obama’s Middle East policies

There was a ‘sharp confrontation’ between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the American ambassador to Israel about Obama’s Iran policy. And yet, Obama continues to lie to the American people by saying there is “no daylight” on the Iran issue with the Israeli government.

Obama leaks classified information to protect Iran and betray Israel

The Obama Administration leaks our ally Israel’s confidential information in order to help enable Iran defeat any prospective Israeli attack on its illegal nuclear weapon sites.

… Despite the clear intent of Iran’s leaders to annihilate Israel, the U.S., and all of Western civilization, Obama apparently believes that Iran’s murderous regime has a “right” to acquire nuclear weapons.

Iranian Diplomats: Take a break from torturing and killing your peaceful citizens! You’re invited to a hot dog jamboree!

In the midst of Iran’s brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters of Iran’s fraudulent election, Obama-the-Genius invites Iranian diplomats to a 4th of July hot dog celebration.

… and with regard to Iran’s brutality and inhumanity widely reported in the news, Obama gives the world nothing but a cowardly silence. 

Iran mocks Obama’s Weakness

Iran says Obama’s foolish offer to talk to Iran about its plot to illegally obtain nuclear weapons shows that America has “failed.”