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Wages ‘recovery’ is worse than jobs ‘recovery’

“As bad as the current job recovery has been — and it’s by far the weakest since World War II — the recovery in wages has been far worse.”

Obama needs vacations so he can keep working so hard

In 2009, Obama promised never to “rest” until the unemployment rate was back to normal. In January 2013,  the unemployment rate is the same as it was when he took office in January 2009– yet he took 83 vacation days during his first 4-year term.

Obama gives up.

Starting his second term with the exact same unemployment rate (7.8%) as the day he started his first term, Obama has given up. “President Barack Obama will let his jobs council expire this week without renewing its charter.”

Hilariously, the Obama Administration hopes that the American people believe it’s ‘mission accomplished’: “Officials said the president always intended for the council to fulfill its mission and then wind down.”  If true, then Obama’s “mission” was to stagnate the U.S. economy.

Unemployment Rate goes back up!

After Obama manipulated the unemployment numbers so he could win the November election, the unemployment rate has shot back up to over 8%. However, Obama has ensured that his devoted followers– who have sacrificed their values for a few extra dollars (the value of which continues to plummet)– will not suffer under this new Obameconomy: he has hired 101 new federal employees per day, using American taxdollars, since taking office in January 2008.

Update: In fact, the Federal Reserve has now projected that the unemployment rate “will stay elevated until late 2015.”

Update #2: The unemployment rate is the same in January 2013 (as Obama starts his second 4-year term) as it was on the day he took office in January 2009. NO PROGRESS WHATSOEVER.

50 Million Americans now live in poverty.

Census Bureau: “As President Barack Obama is set to begin his second term, new statistics on America’s poverty rate indicate that nearly 50 million Americans, more than 16 percent of the population, are struggling to survive.”

Democrats don’t understand what’s happening.


It’s not very surprising that “Veruca Salt” would be whining about the effects of Obamacare after viciously attacking conservatives for opposing it. Maybe it would have been better for the Democrats to lose the 2012 election, so that they could pin the consequences of their failed policies on the Republicans (again)… but now, the Democrats have to deal with realities like Denny’s restaurants in Florida cutting employees’ work hours and adding a 5% Obamacare surcharge to customers’ bills. Will the Democrats try to boycott the entire U.S. economy?

Business goes from bad to worse. And the result? More jobs lost.

Many news stories are emerging about layoffs and firings occurring immediately after Obama won re-election: Among other news stories, one Las Vegas employer fired 22 employees because as a business “at the end of the day, I need to survive” and Boeing has now announced massive layoffs in its defense division.


Obama wants a “Secretary of Business.”

If Obama wins a second term, he wants to expand the federal government even more: since he has no business experience (unlike Romney), he wants to create a “Secretary of Business.”Image

Latest Romney endorsement: A member of Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness

Intel CEO Paul Otellini, a member of President Barack Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, has endorsed Romney for President.

Obama manipulates unemployment numbers.

So, we were told that the unemployment rate had fallen to 7.8% in September 2012 after 43 consecutive months of unemployment at 8% or higher. And this was after Obama promised that unemployment wouldn’t reach 8% if his stimulus plan was rushed through Congress.

The reported drop to 7.8% unemployment was touted as a great victory by Obama, and was used in his campaign and in the presidential debates on domestic policy.

TWO DAYS after the second presidential debate– the LAST presidential debate before the November election in which domestic policy would be discussed (since the third presidential debate will focus solely on foreign policy)– it’s revealed that the reason for the reported drop to 7.8% unemployment was that “Last week, California reported a large drop in applications, pushing down the overall figure to the lowest since February 2008. This week, it reported a significant increase as it processed applications delayed from the previous week.”  So, the 7.8% unemployment rate for September 2012 was a false report.  Kudos to California for its grandiose effort to get Obama re-elected!

Moreover, at least two economists at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) have contributed to President Barack Obama’s campaign. You sure can trust those numbers the Obama Administration puts out there! (*sarcasm*)