Obama thinks 4 American deaths are “not optimal.”

Obama, the U.S. President that the liberal media characterizes as ‘compassionate’ and ‘eloquent’: “Here’s what I’ll say. If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.” — Obama

Not optimal.

Not optimal.

Not optimal.

Not optimal.

UPDATE:  The mother of an American diplomat killed during a terrorist raid on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi has hit out at Barack Obama for describing the attack as ‘not optimal’, saying: ‘My son is not very optimal – he is also very dead.’ Speaking exclusively to MailOnline today, Pat Smith, whose son Sean died in the raid, said: ‘It was a disrespectful thing to say and I don’t think it’s right. How can you say somebody being killed is not very optimal? I don’t think the President has the right idea of the English language.’


3 responses

  1. Nice way to try to twist what President Obama was trying to say. Jon Stewart asked if the response to the situation was optimal. He was merely using the word that Jon Stewart used to explain the situation. His complete response is as followed. Love how the GOP spin doctors are trying to ignore everything he said and the question posedt:

    “Here is what I will say, if four Americans get killed it is not optimal,” the president responded. “And we are going to fix it, all of it.

  2. Actually you’ve just unwittingly acknowledged that us “GOP spin doctors” got the story right. Jon Stewart asked Obama whether his Administration’s RESPONSE to the situation was optimal. Obama responded that 4 Americans GETTING KILLED is “not optimal.” That’s a bad choice of words on the part of the “Great Orator” Obama, particularly in light of the Obama Administration’s lackluster and inconsistent response to the attack.

  3. p.s. Obama previously referred to these 4 Americans getting killed as mere “bumps in the road”: https://obamarageous.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/obama-says-that-the-murders-of-4-americans-in-libya-by-terrorists-are-just-bumps-in-the-road/

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