Obama takes it a step farther than Bush: Patriot Act is extended

After denouncing Bush for supposedly infringing on our civil liberties, Obama extends the Patriot Act.

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  1. […] few in number (certainly fewer than Obama’s flip-flops on issues like gay marriage and the Patriot Act and equality of women). His positions were conservative: He would not raise taxes. He would cut […]

  2. […] extended Bush’s Patriot Act, has been compiling a “vast campaign database” with voters’ personal information, […]

  3. […] Obama extended Bush’s Patriot Act, has been compiling a “vast campaign database” with voters’ personal information, and granted the government authority to store private information about American citizens who are not suspected of any crime– Obama has every American citizen under virtual surveillance, and plans to use thousands of surveillance drones in U.S. skies.  We already knew all of this, but there hasn’t been a collective burst of outrage from liberals and Democrats– because liberals and Democrats accept tyranny when they are the ones being tyrants. So we can’t expect liberals and Democrats to be upset about this fact either: Obama’s surveillance program is bigger than Bush’s. […]

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