Monthly Archives: June, 2009

Obama publicly supports a Communist leader who violated his country’s constitution

Obama supports reinstatement of ousted Communist leader Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, despite the fact that he violated Honduras’ constitution.

ACORN shaped Obama’s agenda

Caught on video: Obama told the corrupt and scandal-ridden “Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now” (ACORN) that it would “shape his agenda” if he was elected U.S. President.

Congressman is forced to drop his investigation of ACORN

Democrat Congressman John Conyers, Jr. abandoned his plan to investigate Obama fundraiser ACORN for wrongdoing after “the powers that be decided against it.” Hmmm I wonder who told him to give ACORN a free pass? It doesn’t take a position on the Harvard Law Review to figure it out.

Iranian Diplomats: Take a break from torturing and killing your peaceful citizens! You’re invited to a hot dog jamboree!

In the midst of Iran’s brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters of Iran’s fraudulent election, Obama-the-Genius invites Iranian diplomats to a 4th of July hot dog celebration.

… and with regard to Iran’s brutality and inhumanity widely reported in the news, Obama gives the world nothing but a cowardly silence. 

Obama lied about savings.

“The Obama White House cannot explain more than half of today’s announced $80 billion in prescription drug savings.”

Obama fires AmeriCorps watchdog

Obama fires independent Inspector General Gerald Walpin for investigating Obama supporter Kevin Johnson, who stole money from an $850,000 AmeriCorps grant to “pad staff salaries, meddle politically in a school-board election, and have AmeriCorps members perform personal services for Mr. Johnson, including washing his car.”

Obama creates another diplomatic row with Britain

Obama unilaterally decides to send Guantanamo inmates to Bermuda (a British colony).  Britain is furious.

Obama insults Special Olympics participants

Obama insults Special Olympics participants. Can he get any less classy? It even looks like Jay Leno was shocked and offended.

Obama tours the Middle East and skips Israel

Obama’s first trip to the Middle East as U.S. President skipped over Israel and went straight to Cairo: This was Obama’s “new beginning” with the Muslim world, in which he scolded Israel.

Oops, America voted for a President that is More Left-Wing than Venezuela’s Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez jokes he’s more right-wing than ‘Comrade’ Obama.